Two accommodations :

All both have been conceived for the physical, visual, hearing and mental accessibility. A parking place for each accommodation is previewed near by their entry.

Our scooter LEO !

SCOOTER LEO PMRLEO is at your disposal and it facilitates your deplacements in the campsite up from your accommodation to the restaurant, the reception office...

The electrical scooter LEO is equipped with 4 wheels, seat with head rest and adjustables armrests in the width and the height, and it is very comfortable.

Accessibles structures :
  • An internet point with computer and a telephone for visually impaired people,
  • A playroom (for the little children) and a library
Adapted sanitaries

A bathroom with shower, toilets and sink (outside the accommodation) are at your disposal in accordance to the following requirements : areas of rotation, clearance under sink, shower without tray, practice area, mounted grab bars, all components situated at the right height to be used (fittings, mirror, clothes hooks, electrical plugs ...) and appropriated arrangement of the whole space.

Also at your disposal an exterior basin for the dishware and the laundry.

Outdoor pathway

It allows the movement of disabled persons and visually impaired or blind persons. By their adapted way they allow to move to a point without breaking and without turning back, to be in security, do not meet hurdles or to detect them, to be guided by a blue lighting on the ground. Don't hesitate to contact us to help you in your research for relaxing and adapted holidays at your request. Phone 0033 (0)4 94 58 20 19

In the pleasure to welcome you in the Clair de Lune