1) Price:

The price includes rent (according to accommodation's capacity), consumptions of water, gas and electricity, parking space for only one vehicle, and access to all services and sanitary installations. (The holidays checks are agreed). The offers « Coups de coeur » could not be accumulative between it or with other promotions or flash special offers.

2) Supplements:

Tourist taxes are not included in our tariffs.They are according to the age and to the number of tenants. The amount of booking fees is 20 € for each stay.

3) Request for option or booking :

If you accept these general conditions you could pay by following means :

  • either online by credit card and your booking would be confirmed in the following 24 hours
  • either by transfer, check or holidays'checks and your would be only available during the time of payment, i.e. 6 worked days
  • either choose a longer during option and a contribution of 7 € would be requested for an option available 16 days. This option had to been paid within 6 days following the date of the request. In case of closed booking before the limit of these 16 days it would reduced of the stay cost.
  • If you confirm the booking by post or a request for option by post we please you to attach the payment of the option (7 €) or the account.

The booking would have a contractual value when the tenant receive the booking reservation from the Campside Clair de Lune. In case of non confirmation within 24 hours you could send a mail or phone. If you accept these general conditions you could pay online by credit card and your booking would be confirmed within 24 hours.

For Easter, July and August, obligatorily by week, of Saturday 15H00 at Saturday 10H00, or of Sunday 15H00 at Sunday 10H00.

4) Requested payments:

  • As deposit 30% of the vacation rental's amount for all stays. The payment is possible by check, holidays'checks, postal order, bank transfer, Paypal transfer or credit card. The deposit had to be attached obligatory to the booking form.

Any modification of date, identity or number question our agreement.

  • The outstanding balance of the vacation would be requested 20 days before the date of your arrival. In case of delay over 5 days the booking would be considered as cancellation by the tenant unless 2 weeks from his arrival (see a.m. Article 5).

The whole amount would be requested if the date of booking is unless 20 days before the arrival. Occupation of accommodation starts from 3 pm. It as to be released by 10 am at the latest.

5) Cancellation:

The insurance cancellation of Clair de Lune is free and starts at the date of the global payment of the stay. It ensures a reimbursement of 100% of the stay in case of death of a child, father or mother (certificate of death will be required). For any other reason the customer does not have to specify :

  • If cancellation occurs more than 2 weeks before the previewed arrival date, 70% of the stay is refunded (except for booking fees)
  • If cancellation occurs between 2 weeks and 4 days before the previewed arrival date, 60% of the stay is refunded (except for booking fees)

The date of refunding will be effective only after validation of the payment for the whole stay. The customer could contract a complementary insurance with an insurance choose by himself. The booking would be maintained 24 hours after the agreed and confirmed date of the rental except notice of delay of the tenant, after this period we consider the rental as no rent. The payments remaining acquired as compensation. Any shortened stay is not refunded whatever is the motive.

You can subscribe against 2,6% of the stay's amount an insurance selected for you and covered by Campez Couvert the firm Gritchen Affinity :

The customer could also contract a supplemental insurance of his choice.

6) Obligatory deposit:

Per accommodation : 100 € (200 € with Spa), per camping pitch 20 €. An inventory is mad before your arrival, you have to check it. Any anomaly or damage must be reported to the reception desk within 24 hours after entering your accommodation. After that time any noticed damage will be chargeable to you and we will refer to the posted inventory in your accommodation to resolve any dispute. If everything is in accordance the deposit would be give back at your departure. It is strictly prohibited to use the beds without sheets. Any person not equipped with sheets upon arrival is requested to buy some on the spot.

The cleanliness of the accommodation is essential and in case of insufficient cleaning a part of the deposit will be retained an amount of 60 €. attention : it is forbidden to smoke in the accommodations : in case of cigarette's smell in current situation of departure the amount of 100 € will be retained of the deposit. Any tenant leaving before or after office hours will have to leave his deposit for security. If the state of the accommodation corresponds to the inventory the deposit will be returned within 48 hours. If, on the other hand, the accommodation is left dirty, damaged, and/or with damaged equipment an estimated bill will be notified to the customer by registered letter, and a surcharge will be claimed for costs not covered by the deposit.

7) Vehicles:

During the high season we can accept only one vehicle per accommodation or camping space. Any additional vehicle will have to be left outside the camp site. Circulation is prohibited between 10:30 pm and 7 am. Tenants returning at night after gate's closing hours will have to leave their vehicle outside and enter quietly on foot.

8) Noise and silence:

The Clair de Lune is a small camping site favouring peace and quiet and you will appreciate its tranquillity. You will find no entertainment,on the contrary, the rule here is total silence past 10:30 pm. Please note that no entertainment is provided for teenagers, who will not be allowed to meet inside or in the immediate vicinity of the camp past that time.

9) Visitors :

For legal and security reasons the camp site's capacity cannot be exceeded. Consequently, additional visitors beyond the contractual capacity of accommodations or pitch will not be allowed to enter the camp-site (see § security). The tenants will then have to preview meeting them outside the camp. Any visitor in the limit of accommodation capacity has to request and to record on his index card. If the capacity of the mobilhome is exceeded but not the capacity of the camp-site an exclusive authorization of meeting in the little restaurant could be agreed individually between 10 am and 22 pm.

10) Animals:

For hygiene, tranquillity and security reasons not any animal is allowed on the camp-site.

11) Equipment:

All our accommodations are fully furnished with cooking facilities, refrigerator, all accessories, plates and crockery provided etc. garden chairs and table on the terrace. You can bring your own sheets, however if you do not, you will be able to buy some at the reception. You are responsible for cleaning, it will be checked at the time of your departure and a part of the deposit (60 €) will be retained if it is poorly done.

12) Security:

Customers make a commitment at the risk of eviction without compensation to respect the security rules of the camp-site and in particular : do not humper the passage of emergency vehicle, do not use the pipes of fire, to respect the limit of age for bunk beds, the maximal capacity of the accommodations.

If you accept these conditions please fill in our booking request form, be assured to get our answer shortly.

Booking will be confirmed only upon receiving by the tenant a written confirmation of the Camping Clair de Lune.